Activities 2017

Campers have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of non-academic activities while at Satori Camp. Below we’ve listed some of the planned evening activities as well as the activities available during recreation time each day.

Evening Activities

Welcome to Satori! Orientation, Campus Tour and Counselor Group Projects
On the first evening of Satori, campers are welcomed at the Orientation meeting, where they are given an overview of the week ahead. Afterward, campers go on a tour of the scenic campus of EWU, during the course of which they begin to get acquainted with their fellow campers and the camp mascot, “Bob”.

Capture the Flag
It’s the Red Team versus the Yellow Team in Capture the Flag, a competition of teamwork, tactics, and speed. The game begins, and members of each team search the opposition’s half of the park while trying to evade opposing team members. Good sportsmanship is invariably displayed all around. Finally, one team declares victory as they carry the other team’s flag back across the playing field.

Skit Night
Based on camper feedback, we’ve decided to bring back an old favorite activity this year. The craziness that is the (nearly) annual Satori Skit Night will return. Five props, a half hour of preparation and fifteen of your fellow campers; anything can happen…

Time Traveler’s Ball
A rift in time will cause people from all eras to descend upon Satori for a marvelous evening of feasting and dance! Join us for our Time Traveler’s Ball and please be sure to wear clothing from your favorite time period of the past or future.

Satori Scavenger Hunt
The third annual Satori Scavenger Hunt is a twist on the original scavenger hunt – using digital cameras and your imagination!

Annual Satori Dance
It’s the last night of camp, and everybody’s minds are set on one thing – The Dance. Anyone who has ever been to a Satori dance knows they are truly among the best in the world. The dance features a local DJ spinning great music.

Closing Ceremonies at 10:00 am
The week is over, and no one wants to go home, but they know they must. Before leaving, everyone gets together one last time for the closing ceremonies, where awards are given and goodbyes exchanged. This is the last chance for Mike (Satori Camp Director) to give us one of his “incredible” speeches…

Recreation Activities
During recreation time, campers are give the opportunity to take advantage of the region’s finest university recreational facility, EWU’s PHASE. Some of the activities that students can enjoy include: Dance Lessons, Swimming, Watersports, Racquetball, Wallyball, Diving, Basketball, Rock Climbing and Ice Skating! (In order to participate in these activities, you MUST have your parent sign a waiver).

During recreation time, you can also learn how to Fence! Fencing is taught in the tradition of European fencing – with the competitive blades of today: foil, sabre, and epee’. It is a quick course – getting campers into the swordfighting – as practiced with modern safety equipment.


EWU // 54 West 21st Street

220 Showalter Hall, Cheney, WA 99004-2443