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What is “Satori”?
Literally, the word Satori is Japanese for “Ah Ha!” It originally represented a state of enlightenment sought in Zen Buddhism.
An exploration of the mind and the unknown.
The insight you achieve only after expending a good deal of your energy and imagination.
The sense of joy that comes from learning.

For junior high and high school students, the word Satori is also the name of a one-week journey toward their own personal enlightenment through specialized instruction and social activities. For its 34th consecutive summer, Eastern Washington University is proud to present this opportunity for academically and intellectually talented students to experience their first taste of college with others who share their enthusiasm for learning in an academic and social environment.

Satori Camp allows students aged 12-18 to choose three mini-courses from a variety of offerings. Participants are introduced to a wide range of academic and special interest courses designed to develop a well-rounded individual. Each course is held for approximately two hours a day over the six days of camp. This continuity allows for in-depth exploration of subject material, active inquiry and discussion, and hands-on participation by students.

While attending Satori, campers live on Eastern’s tree-shaded main campus in Cheney, Washington. This collegiate setting is ideal for learning and provides a realistic opportunity for college-bound students to gain college preparatory experience. Recreation and entertainment opportunities round out the student’s total learning experience. Because the camp is designed as an enrichment experience, no letter or number grades are given.

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