Counselor In Training

CIT Program


After graduation, involvement with Satori Camp does not have to stop; former campers can stay involved with the camp through our CIT program. CITs are instrumental in the smooth running of the camp as they provide assistance to counselors, instructors and other camp staff by performing a wide variety of administrative and leadership tasks. This sort of involvement isn’t without its rewards; not only is this an excellent leadership experience that will serve participants well, but room and board fees are also waived for CITs.

Camp History

Satori Camp History

It all started when Bruce Mitchell showed up at EWU as a brand new assistant professor of education.  He had just finished his doctoral dissertation which was an experimental research study of creativity factors among elementary school students in Goleta, California.

Student Advisory Counsil

SAC Program

Student Advisory Council

Campers attending at least their third year of Satori Camp are invited to take part in our Student Advisory Council. This council was established more than 20 years ago by students with the goal of using students’ input and ideas to further develop the idea of “Satori.” The S.A.C. arrives one day early for a roundtable and leadership workshop facilitated by camp directors.


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