Classes 2017

ZSAT 001-98 Satori Camper- Resident (22388)
Staying on campus for the entire week.

ZSAT 001-99 Satori Camper- Non- Resident (22389)
Returning home every night.


8:10 – 10 a.m.

The Satori Harold (ZSAT 011-18; CRN 22404)
“What makes a good reporter? What is newsworthy? How can I be sure what I read is true? What in the world is a lede? Learn the basics of news writing and reporting ethics while creating a camp archive for web and print. As a Harold reporter, you will be responsible for documenting memorable camp highlights in a daily newspaper distributed to the camp and preserved online, all while learning what makes news, news. Be the eyes, ears, and voice of Satori 2017!”
Course restrictions: Must be a returning Satori camper; high school students only.

We the People of Satori (ZSAT 011-10; CRN 22417)
Come join the Government of Satori, where we will elect leadership, form committees, draft legislation, debate important issues, and where we will draft our own Constitution. We will work together to find out if we can find a way for the nation of Satori to succeed.

The World’s Best Strategy Game (ZSAT 011-14; CRN 22393)
Go is a board game of territorial conquest and originated in China 2,700 years ago. The game is rich in strategy despite its few, relatively simple rules. In this class, we’ll learn the rules, rudimentary tactics, and start on concepts of strategy. Stunningly beautiful as a game, Go is a perfect introduction to Asian conflict-theory, history, all while offering a ferocious intellectual challenge. We’ll play games, get stronger, and learn about Go’s past and future.
There is a $13 supply fee associated with this class, which must be paid at the time of online registration.

The Science of Fuel Cells (ZSAT 011-11; CRN 22390)
Making fuel cell systems that can survive in the real world takes the right chemistry, engineering and materials. In this class you’ll learn about the science behind fuel cells and how they are being used outside of the lab. Students will even help to build functioning fuel cells.

Exploring DXArts (ZSAT 011-12; CRN 22391)
What if I told you that you could create a paper sculpture that played music, lit up with color changing lights, and could be controlled with a cell phone? Or, how about a dancing floor that reacts to your movements and will even dance back with you? Exploring DXArts will cover the basics of digital art creation including technology development, coding, interactive work, and Max/MSP. Students will explore the intersection of multiple arts disciplines with technology and create an interactive art piece. All art disciplines and technology expertise are welcome in this class.

Persuade Them: Using Words to Get What You Want (ZSAT 011-13; CRN 22392)
The ability to change another’s mind is an extremely useful skill to have, a skill you can use while writing essays for college or to get your way when choosing where to eat. This class will teach you that skill. We will focus on clear logic and carefully crafted language in our quest to convince. We’ll also spend time looking at the persuasive attributes of logical fallacies and the targeted use of cognitive dissonance. We’ll explore many rhetorical theories of persuasion and ways to combine multiple techniques into effective arguments. And we’ll practice these skills in both verbal and written mediums.
(Please note: this class does not guarantee winning facebook arguments, though it may help.)

A Study of Diversity using Comic Books (ZSAT 011-15; CRN 22394)
With the rise of popularity in comic books and the characters that live on and off their pages, we will explore different topics of social justice using this form of art and communication. What can we learn and how can we influence what is produced to create a better world? Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Infinite Beauty (ZSAT 011-16; CRN 22395)
I’d try to explain infinity here, but it’d take forever. In this class we’ll explore the extremes of mathematics, from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large. Can you add infinitely many numbers together to find a finite result? What’s the smallest value that could actually exist? We’ll ponder infinite sums, explore infinitely repeating geometric patterns, and create mathematical fractal art to take home. Come expand your mathematical horizons- infinitely!
There is a $5 supply fee associated with this class, which must be paid at the time of online registration.

A Good Story is Hard to Find (ZSAT011-17; CRN 22400)
This class will examine and discuss famous short stories from famous contemporary and classic authors, as well as working on short stories of our own throughout the week. The class will work together through creative exercises and peer editing. At the end of the week, we will make a small digital magazine of the stories on which we worked.


10:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

The Secret Society of Linguists (ZSAT 011-60; CRN 22414)
Older than science, books and even math; language has been the hallmark of humanity. It binds us together and makes us a community. Campers will look at examples of a variety of languages, from Latin to Klingon and German to Elven, to learn the basic fundamentals of Linguistic Theory and to construct their own secret language.

Life of Games (ZSAT 011-59; CRN 22418)
In The Life of Games, students will explore the rich history and culture surrounding games. From ancient games of chance to misappropriating semi-sacred artifacts to pass the time, humans have a great tradition of applying rules to play. Come learn about a variety of games and gain knowledge of how to apply the skills learned and practiced therein to the real world.

Using your Powers for Good: Critical Theory and Social Justice (ZSAT 011-21; CRN 22397)
In this course, we will look at some important current social issues (civil rights, achievement gap and economic disparities, privacy rights, etc.) and think about the political and philosophical complexities that undergird these issues. As we unpack them, will think about our own roles/responsibilities as citizens to act out and advocate for our own rights, as well as the rights of others.

The Satori Pitch: Now Hiring (ZSAT 011-23; CRN 22405)
Looking for creatives, problem-solvers, and artists to join our new graphic design team! Meet with a mock client to receive a creative brief, learn how to execute a strong visual concept that incorporates your individual style and meets your client’s needs, and pitch your work confidently while remaining open to critique and feedback. Develop your creative research and concept-sketching skills, learn digital tools to create sweet graphics, and work hard to present final art under deadline! Are you ready for the challenge!?

Engineers: If you Build it, They Will Break It (ZSAT 011-52; CRN 22409)
Ummm wanna dance? If so, take Tyler’s class. If not, take this exciting introduction to engineering class! You will be responsible for working for your own design firm who will be hired to produce plans and manage construction of a new bridge. This class will provide you an opportunity to integrate your problem solving skills with creativity, and find your competitive edge as you take on other firms to build the greatest bridge of all time!

Classical Ethics: Building Character in the Ancient Western Tradition (ZSAT 011-24; CRN 22406)
Classical Ethics is about helping individuals make good decisions that make their lives and those of the people with whom they live, work, and study, better. Fortunately, many of the words of advice about how to live good lives that were written some 2400 years ago are still available and still relevant to our own time. In a lecture/discussion format, we will explore and challenge what this ancient advice can mean to us today. Making a habit of making good decisions builds what we often call “character,” and the development of good character is the point of studying Ethics, both then and now.

The Ideals of the Samurai (ZSAT 011-25; CRN 22407)
For nearly a thousand years, the warrior class in Japan ruled all levels of society. Appropriating the name “Samurai,” these warriors dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfection in all of their daily activities. Meaning “to serve,” the samurai believed in their cause as a just one. In this class, we will examine the daily lives of the samurai and the culture that surrounded them. Bring your interest in mysticism as we study the banner system and philosophy the samurai lived under. From the moment they woke in the morning until they laid their heads down at night, and idea of bringing harmony to the world was their primary aim. As we dive into the codes and ideals of the samurai and how that impacted their lives, as a class we will find ways to incorporate how they lived into our own lives. A true lesson in satori (or sudden enlightenment) will be had by all!

Swords, Skulls, and Sonnets: A Modern Look at William Shakespeare (ZSAT 011-28; CRN 22416)
You have probably talked about him in school. You have probably read or seen Shakespeare performed, probably in movie form. So why are we still doing these dusty 400 year old plays? Let’s really dig into the cannon, and see what makes these timeless stories tick. Let’s learn the smart, funny, and often bawdy Bard.

Putin: The Soviet Reunion and the Second World War? (ZSAT 011-26; CRN 22408)
The Russian writer Masha Gessen ominously subtitled her biography of Vladimir Putin The Man Without A Face. Putin, a former KGB apparatchik, has eviscerated the Russian constitution and manufactured a new personality cult. Dissent from Pussy Riot and journalists is met with sentences to the gulag or assassination. His intervention in the Ukraine is predicated by the delusional pretense that the coup was orchestrated by Nazis. Learn how Putin’s autocracy is in line with Russian history- Ivan IV (the Terrible) to Stalin- from a scholar who has studied in the Soviet Union and published several works on the de-Stalinization policies of Gorbachev.


1:10 – 3 p.m.

Molecular Medicine – Methods and Morals (ZSAT 011-29; CRN 22387)
Advances in biotechnology are transforming the ways we understand health and practice medicine. This course will offer both a brief introduction to the theory, techniques, and applications of molecular medicine as well as a space to explore some of the ethical considerations of its consumption by the masses.

Get this Party Started! (ZSAT 011-57; CRN 22415)
Have you ever wondered what it takes to DJ the Satori dance? The class will cover DJ theory. We will be focusing on audio equipment, digital technology, music types and styles, building set, playlists and learning how to lead interactive games. Learn how to jump from Lil Wayne to Frank Sinatra and from dubstep to hip-hop and back. If you’re lucky, you may even get to help DJ Satori’s dance!

Everyone can be a Model(er) (ZSAT 011-20; CRN 22396)
Whether you’re designing fuel pumps for rocket engines or 3D printed jewelry for your fashion line, you’ll often find some common denominators – a passion for creating and 3D modeling tools. These tools enable the work of today’s designers, engineers, and artists. In this class we’ll begin to lay the foundations of 3D modeling and engineering. Covering topics such as parametric modeling, sculpting, finite element analysis, rendering, 3D printing, and even a little bit of CNC programming, you’ll come away with the knowledge you need to create whatever you can imagine.

The Philosophy of Photography (ZSAT 011-50; CRN 22398)
Have you ever wondered how to turn a good photograph into a great one? In this class we will learn to take better photos with any camera! We will discover the basics of good photography and have the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned by taking photos during class.
Please bring a digital camera–no cell phones.

The Class Where You Bring Close-toed Shoes* And Then We Dance (ZSAT 011-55 and 011-56; CRN 22412 for male; CRN 22413 for female)
Dancing with a partner is fun, and easier than you think. There is no experience necessary, and we’ll learn Swing, Salsa, Waltz, and Tango. Warning: Boys and girls will dance together.
* All participants MUST bring non-marking, close-toed SHOES (no sandals) or they will not be allowed to participate. Also socks, to wear under the shoes.

Up, Up, and Away! (ZSAT 011-43; CRN 22410)
Do you like smoke, noise, and things that go fast? Then this class is for you. We will build two very different larger model rockets and fly them if the weather permits. We will do this while learning some basic rocketry concepts so you can build and fly your own rockets at home. This includes how rocket motors are made and work, aerodynamics of rocket flight, and safety
* There is a $20 supply fee associated with this class, which must be paid at the time of online registration.

The Musical Audition (ZSAT 011-54; CRN 22411)
In this session we will prepare ourselves to audition for musicals from start to finish including slating, monologue work, 16 bar audition songs, and choreography! Please bring a one minute monologue and 16 bars of an audition song with an accompaniment track. If you need either of these, please let us know and we will provide you with one to prepare.

The “Other” F Word (ZSAT 011-22; CRN 22403)
No, not that F word! Come to this class and learn about the “other” F word: Feminism! What is it? Who started it? A dictionary definition of feminism is, simply: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. If this is the case, why is it so often maligned and misunderstood? In this course you will learn about the origins of feminism and feminist movements, as well as examine why feminism has recently surged in popularity.

Psychology: Inside the Looking Glass (ZSAT 011-51; CRN 22399)
Do you yearn to understand yourself and others? Are you wondering about how to work to change something about yourself or your life? Psychology examines these questions through the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. This course will provide an introduction to basic concepts in clinical psychology, including theories of personality, psychopathology, psychotherapy, and assessment.


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