Who can attend?

All students ages 12-18 are welcome.

Tuition & Fees

Full tuition or a $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. Completed registration is due by July 7, 2017. Registration opens on April 17, 2017 and is done online at https://eaglenet.ewu.edu. The remaining tuition balance is due by July 14, 2017.

Resident Camper – $795
Payment includes residence hall housing, all meals, class instruction and materials (except lab fees as noted), facilities usage, recreation, T-shirt, camp photo and a certificate of achievement. Free: an amazing experience of the mind and finding life-long friends.

Commuter – $695
Includes lunch (Monday-Friday), class instruction and materials (except lab fees as noted), facilities usage, recreation, T-shirt, camp photo and a certificate of achievement. Free: an amazing experience of the mind and finding life-long friends.

*Foreign registrations should include tuition payable in U.S. funds.


A very small number of camp scholarships are available for low-income students. In order to acquire application information, please contact Satori Camp Scholarships c/o Sara Maleki at 220 Showalter Hall, Cheney, WA 99004-2443 or call 1-509-359-6267. The formal applications must arrive at the Satori Camp office prior to June 23, 2017. Formal notification will be mailed out July 7, 2017.

Also, the Washington State Association of Educators of Talented and Gifted (WAETAG) has in the past offered a scholarship program for youth interested in attending a summer camp for gifted youth (such as Satori Camp). If you’re interested in applying for one of their $300 awards, visit their website.

To contribute, please send your donation to:
Satori Camp Fund
EWU Foundation
Eastern Washington University, 220 Showalter Hall
Cheney, WA 99004-2413

Please make reference to account #97482 in your correspondence

Check-In and Closing Ceremonies

Sunday, July 23, 2017 from 3:00-4:00 pm is scheduled for check-in. Parents are welcome to stay for opening ceremonies at 4:30 pm. Camp officially ends 10:00am Saturday July 29, 2017, with Closing Ceremonies from 10:00-11:00 am. We invite all parents to attend.


Notification of cancellation must be in writing and postmarked no later than July 7, 2017. Tuition paid will be refunded less a $25 clerical charge. After this date, refund requests will be allowed only in case of emergencies and will require an explanatory letter from a parent.

Discipline and Supervision

The 2017 Satori Camp reserves the right to dismiss anyone for any serious violation of regulations. No tuition will be refunded for any camper dismissed or who voluntarily withdraws from camp. All participants are subject to continuous supervision and must remain with the camp at all times.


Satori Camp is held on the beautiful campus of Eastern Washington University, in Cheney, Washington. While at camp, campers get the opportunity to experience life on a university campus and get to take advantage of many of Eastern’s excellent facilities. Campers will experience living in a university residence, eating at university dining facilities, using Eastern’s recreational facilities and attending classes in a university setting. Cheney is only twenty minutes drive from Spokane, which means we’re close to a Greyhound Bus depot, Amtrak Station and Spokane International Airport. For pickup information, please contact us at satoricamp@hotmail.com.

For directions to the campus, we suggest you visit our directions page.

History of Satori

A history of Satori Camp can be found here.

Who is “Bob”, anyway?

Campers know that what makes Satori unique is its truly inclusive spirit. There’s no better example of this than Bob. To the uninitiated, Bob is a plastic fern. To those that know him well, however, he’s a dance partner, confidante, and even bodyguard. First rescued from a dumpster on Eastern’s campus in 1993, he quickly became a regular fixture at camp (after starring in one group’s skit during skit night). Since that time, Bob has risen to a place of great esteem at Satori as its official mascot and has made appearances for almost every year since. (The only exception was when he was detained during a brief trip to Canada several years ago. Before long, he was heroically rescued from his Canadian captors and recently returned to Satori after an absence.)


EWU // 54 West 21st Street

220 Showalter Hall, Cheney, WA 99004-2443